décembre 2002, colloque de la S.E.A.C. (Tours, novembre 2001), 178 pages, 10 .

(Cliquer pour accéder aux "abstracts" en français et en anglais / abstracts available in French and English.)

D. Punter, "Postmodern Gothic: The Moment beneath the Moment"
M.  Vara,
"Justine Revisiting: The Power of Passivity in Angela Carter's Shadow Dance and Alice Thompson's Justine"

B. Moss,
"Angela Carter and Grotesque Narrative"
Jane Hentges, "Painting Pictures of Petrification and Perversion: Angela Carter's Surrealist Eye in Shadow Dance and The Magic Toyshop"
M. Ryan-Sautour,
"The Laughing Monster: Fantastic Spectacles and Magical Games in Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus"
M. Gonzalez,
"Sacred Orgasm and Profane Paean: The Obscene Paradox of the Postmodern Baroque in Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet"
H. Fau, "The illusion of the Shell-Formed Microcosm in Jeanette Winterson's Novels"
E. Williams-Wanquet, "Jeanette Winterson's Boating for Beginners: Both New Baroque and Ethics"
D. Gervais,
"Geoffrey Hill: A Poet and His Readers"
A. Sillitoe, "The Caller, A Short Story"
A. Roy, Conférence à la Sorbonne, The God of Small Things